El Questro Wedding in the Kimberley Ranges


Kimberley Exposure interviewed newly weds Greg and Claire Chapman to find out what inspired them to have their wedding in the East Kimberley.         

Why did you decide to have your wedding at El Questro?  It wasn’t the easiest of choices I imagine, driving to a remote part of  Australia when you could have had your wedding in Darwin?

The Kimberley has a special place in our hearts as the time spent living in Kununurra was one of the greatest years of our lives so the decision was an easy one. We wanted our families to experience this amazing countryside for our wedding. 


You used to live in Kununurra, what were the things you liked about the town and lifestyle – best memories?

We loved the friendly community, the relaxed atmosphere and lots of great outdoor activities so close to town.

Our best memories are camping at places like Harry’s Hole and 4WD and hiking at El Questro. 


Why did you leave and would you ever come back to live?

We reluctantly left due to employment opportunities in Darwin, but we do miss Kununurra and would love to return given the opportunity.

What are some of the best memories of your wedding day?

The day was far more than we could have ever imagined but the highlights are getting ready at the Homestead, arriving by helicopter to the breathtaking Pigeon Hole Lookout and the secluded location for the reception with the backdrop of a big Boab tree. Additionally the staff at El Questro were outstanding to ensure our day was perfect, and it was!


What did you love about the chopper ride and having photos taken in the gorge?

It was amazing to see El Questro Station from the air.  We were lucky to have our photos taken in a beautiful gorge where not many people have the privilege of accessing. It will be a memory that will last forever. 


Would you recommend other people to have their wedding in this isolated but beautiful part of the world?

Absolutely, it was the best day of our lives!

What did your parents think about your choice of wedding destination?  What were their best memories?

They were so excited and very happy as they love Kununurra as well and have particularly fond memories of El Questro Station. Their best memories was of my dad travelling in the chopper, watching Greg’s reaction to my surprise arrival in the chopper,  the intimate reception and seeing how happy the Kimberley makes Greg and I feel.


What did Greg think of the surprise chopper ride?

He was so surprised I managed to keep it a secret and a bonus he got to go for a ride too!


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