Lake Argyle Swim

Video: Lake Argyle Marathon.

The Lake Argyle Swim is located at one of the most spectacular scenic locations in the East Kimberley. Twenty-one times the size of Sydney Harbour, Lake Argyle is the perfect environment for an open water swimming competition with no sharks, ocean rips or bluebottle jellyfish for swimmers to worry about. Only clean, open freshwater.

Held annually the ‘Lake Argyle Swim’ is extremely popular across the region, with registrations for the 2014 event selling out in 6.5 hours.

Rebecca (Beck) Foulkes-Taylor of Kununurra competed for the first time in 2013 when a friend asked her to replace her spot in a 10km duo-team with less than a couple of months before the competition.

It was a daunting prospect, but I felt comfortable as I do swim regularly.

Beck who teaches swimming as part of the Shire’s Swim School program, was involved in facilitating swim clinics run by former Olympic swimmers in Kununurra late in 2013. As part of the BHP Aquatic Series, Leisel Jones, Libby Trickett, Matt Welsh and others worked with children and adults to improve their swimming techniques.

“It was amazing to have these Olympic medalists facilitating swimming clinics in Kununurra. We all learnt a lot more about how to improve our efficiency in the water, enhance core strength and streamline our movement” said Beck.

They shared an insight into what inspired them to reach Olympic level, and it really left us with a desire to keep being involved with swimming and give it our best shot.

Beck and her daughter, with the former Olympic swimmers who ran swim clinics in Kununurra in 2013.

Beck and her daughter, with Liesel Jones (Olympic swimmer). Jessica Dessaugie (water polo) and Matt Welsh (Olympic swimmer) who ran the swim clinics.

With six weeks remaining before the Lake Argyle race, Beck was keen to give the event her “best shot” and undertook rigorous preparation.

“It was challenging. I had to fit training around work, family and other commitments, an hour here an hour there” reflects Beck.

The mother of two Mother of two has vivid memories of what it was like facing up to swim day.

On the day I was filled with nervous energy, lots of butterflies. I kept thinking “what am I doing, this is going to be harder than I thought.

Eventually Beck was able to find her rhythm and begin to enjoy the journey.

“Swimming in open water is completely different to swimming lap after lap in a 25 metre pool” said Beck.

When you have a goal to reach…you swim because you want to, push yourself to meet the challenges you set.  In a pool you follow the black line, in the Lake you can only see as far as your hand you rely on your support crew.

“As we passed the last buoy towards the finish the cheers were amazing, Sally and I crossed the line 8mins behind the winners, exhausted but happy”.


Beck’s daughter Fen with Libby Trickett (former Olympic swimmer).