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It is not often that one gets an opportunity to see skilled craftsmen turn rocks that are 600 million years old into quality pieces of jewellery, brought together with pearls and other semiprecious stones. However this is exactly what Bruce Livett gets to see happen on a daily basis, as the Owner of Zebra Rock Gallery in Kununurra.

This season Zebra Rock Gallery has a new range of jewellery incorporating zebra rock pendants set in Sterling silver and 24 Carat gold-plated settings. Men won’t just be shopping for their wives this season as there are also cufflinks and rings in store.   Zebra Rock Gallery has partnered with Dahlia Designs in Broome to create these beautiful pendants.


Featured also are the popular Zebra Rock necklaces incorporating semiprecious stones.

Zebra Rock Necklace with semiprecious stones. Boab stirling silver zebra rock necklace designed by Dahlia Designs

Zebra Rock Necklace with semiprecious stones. Boab stirling silver zebra rock necklace designed by Dahlia Designs

Founded forty years ago, this rock business is more than just a gallery. Located on the banks of the Ord River, and only 9kms by road from Kununurra, the Zebra Rock Gallery is a workshop, a cafe and a gathering place for many local families and tourists to the Kimberley.   This season visitors can also come by boat.  The BBQ boat visits twice a day during the tourist season.  On the cruise visitors are treated to a BBQ lunch or dinner while taking in the beauty of this Ramsar listed wetland.  Upon arrival at the jetty visitors can stroll up to the gallery and coffee shop and be looked after by the friendly staff including gallery owner Dianne Livett and Manager Scott Whelan.  The  jetty is also frequented by a large number of Catfish, Black Bream, Archer fish and the occasional long-necked turtle and freshwater crocodile.  Visitors can pick up bread in the gallery to feed the fish, a popular activity for many families

The Zebra Rock Gallery team at the property's jetty

Zebra Rock Gallery Manager Scott Whelan and assistant Carol Briggs with Owner Bruce Livett at the jetty on the Ord River

The family run business was recently awarded “Best Micro Business” at the East Kimberley Small Business Awards.  Bruce says customer satisfaction is their mantra.

The excitement and challenge of running a small business brings with it the opportunity to provide unique items of beauty and lasting value to customers.  

Further accolades include Lonely Planet’s ranking of Zebra Rock Gallery and Cafe as number 1 of 37 most popular things to do in Kununurra and Trip Adviser ranking the gallery as one of the most popular attractions in Kununurra.

Zebra Rock Gallery Owner Bruce Livett with Small Business Development Corporation Manager Mark South, Zebra Rock Gallery owner Dianne Livett and Manager Scott Wheeler Winners at the East Kimberley Small Business Awards

Zebra Rock Gallery owner Bruce and Dianne Livett, Small Business Development Corporation Manager Mark South and Zebra Rock Gallery Manager Scott Whelan. Winners at the East Kimberley Small Business Awards

Bruce and his staff feel that when visitors leave the tropical garden settings of the gallery and cafe with memories of a relaxing and enjoyable time, then they have done their job.

”If they take a piece of rock, or even just an enjoyable memory that they can share with their family and friends, then we’re doing something right.”

Zebra Rock Gallery provides Bruce with an opportunity to meet passing visitors and connect actively with the local community he has grown to love and be a part of.

 We moved here because of the clean air, outdoor life and spectacular scenery at our location on the Ord.

Bruce Livett Displays a favourite piece of Zebra Rock

Situated on the banks of the Ord River, a bird’s eye view of Zebra Rock Gallery and Mango Orchard

The property has a large mango orchard and the staff make all things mango, from popular mango smoothies, to mango fruit cake and cheesecake. The gallery cafe is also well known for their scrumptious lemonade scones and for Dianne’s home made corned beef.

Shopkeepers Beth Hughes and Rotary Exchange Student Claire Talleux serve Mango ice-cream and scones

Shop Assistant Beth Hughes and Rotary Exchange work experience student Claire Talleux serve Mango ice-cream and scones from a stand made from 1.2 billion year old primordial rock.

 Zebra Rock is found only in the East Kimberley and is considered rarer than diamonds.  The term “zebra’ comes from the striped appearance of the rock, which is composed of red or brown iron ore set among pale silica.  The 600 million year old Zebra Rock is siltstone.  Siltstones are formed a the base of river beds, in this case the Ord River.  An even older form of rock termed Primordial is also used to sculpt decorative items and according to carbon dating this particular form is twice as old as Zebra Rock.

“This 1.2 billion year old siltstone comes in 53 different colour combinations, fom deep red and greys to pale pink.   Our craftsmen make larger items out of this rock such as wine racks and large bowls and vases.” 

Manage Scott Wheeler, Owners Dianne and Bruce with some of their favourite Zebra Rock pieces.

Manager Scott Whelan with Zebra Rock Gallery owners Dianne and Bruce Livett holding sculptured Zebra Rock and Primordial Rock pieces.

Over the years Zebra Rock Gallery has also become a popular venue for music concerts, weddings and community functions.   Zebra Rock Gallery also brings classical piano, guitar and jazz to the Kimberley on a regular basis. This year the Gallery hosted several concerts and numerous painting workshops during the Ord Valley Muster.  Classical Guitarist and Painter Peter Inglis and internationally renowned jazz musicians Allan Zavod and Nichaud Fitzgibbon performed under the kimberley moon at the Gallery.  You can also read featured articles about their experiences performing in the East Kimberley here  www.kimberleyexposure.com.au/jazz-kimberley-moon.html   and   www.kimberleyexposure.com.au/peter-inglis-creating-music-art-kununurra.html  

Earlier in the year Zebra Rock Gallery also hosted a Masterclass by Russian born and Perth based Classical Pianist Irina Vasileva.  Through her company, Cappuccino Concerts, Irina is living her dream bringing classical music to Perth and remote country towns like Kununurra.  

Irina Vasileva, Concert Pianist

Irina Vasileva, Concert Pianist held a Masterclass at Zebra Rock Gallery

Zebra Rock Gallery also provides travellers with storage for their caravans.  This is a safe and secure space to leave your trailers and caravans.  The Gallery accepts caravans without bookings.

“Just call in to the Gallery and we will direct you to a shady spot,” advises Bruce.

Reasonable rates apply, with discounted rates for long-term storage.

Call the Gallery on (08) 9168 1114 with any questions or for further details about the BBQ Boat cruise. For the Coffee Shop Menu go to www.zebrarock.biz/Cafe-Menu.html to purchase items from the Gallery and for further information go to www.zebrarock.biz

Bruce would like visitors to remember the Gallery as a unique and relaxing Kimberley experience.

“Here you can have a variety of experiences, relax with a mango smoothie, browse the gallery, watch our sculptors fashion high quality items from local siltstones, grab a coffee, feed the fish at the river and also joke with our talkative cockatoos that can say hello in several languages.”

Popular Zebra Rock Necklaces

Popular Zebra Rock Necklaces

David Briggs looks after the 20 acre property

David Briggs tends to the gardens and grounds at the 70 acre property


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